Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blowing off Steam

UGGHHHH!! I really can't stand when people lie to my face or make excuses for something you know they are just responsible for. I tried letting it go but it just really burns me when someone assumes I am dumb enough to not realize they are feeding me a line of BS. I expect the BS at work because that's how the Corporate world goes. However when we approached our neighbor about using our dryer, I was told that the 13 year old didn't know the dryer down stairs wasn't a community dryer. WHAT??? you mean to tell me the kid has lived here for over a year and he doesn't know that the dryer we installed 3 weeks ago isn't theirs? and the parents that were home with him didn't know he was using it? Seriously?? At that point in the conversation I had to walk away. Who does that?? Who uses somone elses dryer than when they get caught they blame it on the kid? Oh I forgot the first part of the conversation that really got me upset. When asked if they could ask their kids to not run laps up and down the apartment after 10pm, we were told that the kids go to bed at 10 so what noise are we hearing? yep your right lady I just lay awake in bed listening to what?? nothing?? really? that is her excuse? is that why I had to go down stairs Sunday night at 1030 and ask the kids to be quiet. Of course the parents were not home so it was a free fall oh and according to the parents it was a special event so that's why the kids were loud. Right and what about all the other nights? We were also informed that they are on Easter break so no school for them and of course they are going to be loud they are boys. And again I say Really??? I grew up in a house with boys and I can tell you we were not running around making noise after 10pm.

I realize we have to co-habitat in the same building but I do expect the neighbors including the kids to be respectful of others. I don't get up at 5am and start running laps up and down the apartment but maybe I should start. Than I can say "what noise do you hear? I am sleeping at 5 am" The funny thing about the dryer that is if they would have asked us I probably would have said sure go ahead and use it while you are waiting for a new one but they didn't ask. they used it like it was theirs!! We don't even know them, I mean if it was a friend or a relative than I wouldn't be so pissed but they are not either. Jacob is much more calm about things than I am so I am sure he smoothed things over. But I walked away before I called her on the BS. Like I said I know we have to share a building with them and I will have to play nice but I don't like "playing" nice. I don't trust people like that. Who knows what else they use of ours.

Phew.... I had to get that out. Even sleeping on it didn't help.

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Sometimes a bit of venting is OK!