Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baby's 1st trip

The lime and I are off to sunny Florida tomorrow for a user conference for work. We are staying at the Hyatt Regency Bonaventure Resort and Spa for a few days. The weather looks like it will be in the 80's and sunny except for Tuesday. Which is great but I will be in meetings all day however I will have some time tomorrow to relax. I am going to treat myself to a facial at the spa tomorrow and than me and the lime will take a dip in the pool they have.

I am nervous about traveling away from home by myself. I have done it plenty of times but this time I have to worry about the lime. The safety and health of the growing lime comes first. I called my OBGYN the other day and asked what if any concerns are there with flying and being pregnant. She told me that prego women are more susceptible to blood clots but other than that traveling at 12 weeks is fine. Her advice was to drink a lot of water and to make sure I got up and walked to the restroom on the plane at least 2 times during the flight. If my flight was longer I would have to get up and walk more often but it's a short flight. Of course I love sleeping on planes but this time I will have to take a break from some shut eye and get up and walk around. The health of the lime is much more important than what I prefer.

On another note I had to go to Target today to buy some clothes for the next few days. My "warm" weather clothes are not even close to fitting. It's strange right now because I don't have the bump so maternity clothes look funny on me and larger regular clothes may fit in the waist area but they are baggy in my legs etc. For right now I opted for a size up from what I usually wear, that was the most comfortable option.

Off to sunny Florida for me and the Lime :)

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