Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Yep another one bites the dust!! Happy Birthday to one of my dearest friends, Shannon.

She is very lucky that she lives out in the "sticks" or her yard would have been decorated with 30 pink flamingos and a huge sign announcing the big event. Carrie and I couldn't find a vendor who would drive to her house and do it. Of course the obnoxious, yet very thoughtful, balloon bouquet they sent me is not available in Texas so she escapes another one of our ideas. Hmmm what to do, what to do. Carrie and I racked our brains, or should i say "brain", and any idea we had got shot down either because of where Shan lives in TX or a time factor. So we sent her a very nice bouquet of flowers to the school she teaches at. Disappointing for us because we like to announce it to the world when one of us has an important event. I mean we are the most important people around, ha ha ha. But Shannon loved the flowers and they were the only ones she received at school so that is good.

Shan- you deserved a bigger announcement so here it is:


HAPPY 2008 ???

So the clock struck midnight and it became 2008. I had great hope for this new year, sort of a new beginning for me but the year had something else in store for me. If the remaining eleven months are going to be anything like the first few weeks, I am in for a long year. Maybe I should look at it that I got some bad stuff out of the way right off the bat and my year can only get better. I did say I wanted to stay positive so yes that is the way I will think of 2008 for now.

Its funny how priorities and perspective change as you get older. The number one priority I had in my early 20's every new year was to make sure I passed my courses so I wouldn't have to take summer school or retake a class the following semester. Nothing was worse, at the time, than having to retake a course. I was good in school but I had to stay focused or you could forget it. With my friends, it was easy to loose focus, who wants to study when you can go to Maldune's and have $1.25 Rolling Rock and listen to our friend's AC/DC cover band? Focused is what I stayed though, I finished college with pretty good grades and as the first person from my family to have a 4 year degree. Than as time went on my priorities started to get more "mature", getting my credit in line, figuring out my career path etc. I am pretty sure I have figured those out but what now? What do I focus on now?

How do I create a Happy 2008 for myself? This is a question I have asked myself since the rocky beginning of this year and I can only come up with one answer. Focus on me and do what I want to do this year. It sounds simple but if you know me at all you will understand that focusing on me is not my strong point but I am working on it. For starters I went to visit my dearest friends in Texas, by myself and Carrie and I are planning a girls weekend for March. I am very excited about that. For now I will stay focused, focused on me and maybe just maybe 2008 turn out as I hope.