Thursday, April 16, 2009

12 Weeks - YIPPEE

Today is the start of the 12 week mark in my pregnancy and our baby has grown to the size of a lime. The dramatic development this week are reflexes.

I still feel pretty normal physically. Like I said running on the treadmill isn't what it used to be but I really feel good. I actually feel better now than I had before I got pregnant. I am sure that this is a result of me eating better, taking vitamins daily, cutting out alcohol all together and no more "weekend" smokes. It's a natural detox for me and I am really happy about it.
This may sound a little odd but I am looking forward to getting the pregnant belly bump. I think than it will seem much more real.
I can't wait until next week, we get to hear the heart beat.

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KoffeeBean said...

WOW!! 12 weeks already! Your pregnancy is just zoomin' by!! You are going to be so cute with that "belly bump". :)
Love you!