Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mom & Baby are Good

I am relieved I finally got to talk to the new mommy today for more than 5 minutes. Anthony was down for a nap and she was up to chatting on the phone so I called and we chatted for45 minutes. Shan sounds fantastic and says everything is going good so far. Last night was the first night at home and no major mishaps occurred. Her dogs are interested in the new noise maker but are very well behaved and actually one of her dogs, Tyson, guards the bassinet.

I have to say that Shannon was and is still so calm about being a mom. I have seen new moms freak at everything or some that worry too much but not her she seems like she has been a mom for a long time. Maybe working with 1st and 2nd graders for the last 6 years has trained her to have patience but whatever it is, when I was talking to her it was just like any other day. She did say its so new and a little overwhelming but nothing too major. I still can't get over that she is a mom, I have known her since we were in 9th grade and sometimes I think we are so young but really life has flown right on by. If you were to ask us when we were younger how our lives would be when we grow up, we would have said that all of us (the brain) would live on the same street with our families and have weekend BBQs etc. Life has taken us in different directions but our friendship has never wavered. It has only gotten stronger and we know now that it can withstand anything, including distance. Thank goodness too because I wouldn't know what to do without my two rocks that is for sure. By the way Shan, Anthony is the perfect name for your perfect baby!!

Here are a few more pics that mommy shared with her friends and family.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Welcome Baby Anthony

Congratulations to David and Shannon for their new bundle of joy, Anthony David!! He was born yesterday at 11:37am, he is 6 lbs, 13oz, 19 inches and has a full head of black hair.

Thank goodness for technology!! I am a few states away but felt like I was there with all the text messages of updates and the picture I received 30 minutes after he was born via the cell phone. He is absolutely adorable and I can't wait to meet him in January. The coolest thing about the hospital Shannon is in, I can log onto a website and watch her and the baby anytime she wants me to. We can instant message each other while I am watching or talk on the phone so I can see her and Anthony. I would be in the dark with out technology.

So Congratulations again to the new Mommy and Daddy!! Love you all!!

PS... Happy Belated 29th Birthday to Carrie, too bad he wasn't born the week before :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Belated Birthdays!!

I feel bad that I have missed some birthday wishes to my friends and family so this are my belated b-day wishes.


Happy 8th birthday to my youngest niece MaKenna. She turned 8 in October and is really just adorable. She loves being the center of attention!! She is a cheerleader just like her big sister and loves the things most 8 year old love, Hanna Montana, High School Musical and clothes. She has already circled all the clothes she wants from the Limited Too catalog for Christmas. She is so tall already at 8 that I can only guess she will take after her mom in the height department. Watch out when she gets to be a teenager :)

Mary as Elvis

Happy Birthday Mary!! Mary's birthday was on Halloween. She dressed up as Elvis for work and won a few prizes for the outfit. I did remember to send her flowers which she ended up with two bouquets because the first one she got was not the one I ordered for her. I can remember the first day i met Mary, it was my first day one the job and she was super friendly when we were introduced. I didn't talk much at first because I am super shy when I meet new people but after her and I started talking, we never stopped. She is hilarious and a great listener. I love hearing the stories she tells me about her son, he is a character. Thanks Mary for always listening :)

M, Marissa and Me

Happy Birthday Marissa!! Marissa's birthday was earlier this month and I have been so busy that I haven't even gotten a chance to celebrate with her or give her presents. I met Marissa at work and is one of the few woman I met that was actually nice outside of work. She is a great friend, and is always a lot of fun to be around. She has a 2 year old that is just absolutely adorable. I just adore her, she has quite a personality and she is smart. She mimics anything Marissa does or says which is always entertaining. Marissa is lucky to have such a great child but really she deserves all the credit for the way her daughter is. I am lucky to know Marissa and her family. Sorry the birthday wish is late girl!!

My cousins and My gram

Happy 84th birthday to my Grandmother. Minus some joint problems, my gram is in good shape for her age. My grandfather passed away last year which has taken a little toll on her but she has coped better than any of us expected. My cousins on the picture go over to her house once a week to watch movies with her and she loves it. They mostly watch modern movies like Elf with Will Farrell or her favorite Blood Diamond. My grandmother used to be a social butterfly but now that her knees are not keeping up, she looks forward to us visiting with her or take her shopping. I used to live in a house behind her and I would love the summer and spring evenings when we would sit on her porch and talk. She loves to gossip about the latest news of the family or about the next door neighbors or even what is going on in her favorite soap opera. I loved listening to stories about how her and my grandpa met or what he was like before he lost his hearing etc. She has her moments were she drives me crazy but overall I adore her. In a time where most woman stayed home to take care of the family, my grandmother insisted that she work. My grandfather only agreed to it when the youngest child went to school and only at night. So she worked over night at a hospital as a nurse (LPN) and was really good at what she did. I can tell she loved doing just by the way she tells the stories. She is 84 years young and I hope she sticks around for awhile.

I think I am all caught up now. :)

I almost forgot.... Happy Birthday to Hailey and Crystal!! They are J's nieces and I just met them last January. They are great kids and a lot of fun to be around. I am looking forward to seeing them for Thanksgiving.
OK I think I got everyone now :)

Happy Birthdays All Around!!

November is a very busy month my family for birthdays!! My brother, my oldest sister Sherri, my niece Kayla, my grandma, three of my cousins and two of my friends.


Happy 18th birthday to my niece Kayla!! I can't believe she is already 18 and ready to head off to college next fall. I remember when she was born, she was the cutest little girl I had ever seen, she stole my heart the moment I held her. I haven't always been there to see her grow up since she is a military brat but she has turned into a remarkable young lady and I am lucky to be apart of her life now. I am excited to see her go off to college and start the best time of her life. I have to admit that I am a little jealous, I would give anything to start that part of my life again. I keep telling her to enjoy the next 4-5 years because there will not be another time like it again. Its so exciting and nerve racking leaving high school and the friends you have had for years but its worth the experience!! I am taking her to the Spa on Sunday for a girls day of pampering for her birthday. She had never been and wanted to go so that's were I come in and make it happen.

Sherri, V,R,dad and me

Happy 45th birthday to my sister Sherri!! Oh man .... you are so close to 50 :) Just kidding. My sister was 15 when I was born and had the great duty of babysitting me. I was cute but not always the best behaved little one. I would throw myself on the floor screaming for no reason. I am sure it was to get attention but my family says when the fits happened they were out of the blue. My poor sisters!! They tell me that I was like a little doll to them and they loved to dress me up but I am aware I was a brat. Not much has changed :) Sherri was always my big sister, I was in her weddings, I worked for her at her bridal shop, I went to her when I needed decorating or fashion tips. When I was only 5 she became a mom, to my nephew and what a great mom she is. As most moms she wanted the best for Matt and she did just that. He is very successful in the Air Force, working his way up the ranks while starting a family of his own. I know he will be a great father and husband because she set the right examples for him. She provided him with strong family morals and showed him how to be caring and understanding. I give my sister a lot of flack about the things she is into or for the way she is but it is out of love. I really admire the mountains she had overcome in her life and I am proud she is my sister. Key Key loves you :)

I hope both of you have wonderful days!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


It is a day late but Happy 27th Birthday to my little brother DJ. Well that isn't the name he was given at birth but that is the name he has been called since day one.

Me, my gram and DJ Christmas 2006

On November 7th, 1980 Harold Douglas Jr was born and according to my mom, its the day I became a mini mom. My sisters are much older than my brother and I and when they found out he was named after our father, they decided he would be called DJ. Even when he went to grade school, the teacher would call his name "Harold" for roll call and he wouldn't say a thing. Finally my mom had to tell them that he only answers to DJ. Than he got to high school and most of the teacher he had, knew him as "Kristy's little brother." I know he would have preferred Harold over that label any day. Not only did the teachers call him that but everyone older than him in that school referred to him as that. He actually asked me one day to tell my friends that his name is DJ not "Kristy's little brother."

When most babies are learning how to talk, my brother was humming and I was translating for the family what he needed. As my sisters and parents recall, I was the only one that knew what each hum was for and there were many different sounding hums that he made. Finally one day, he was humming for a glass of water and my mom told him he couldn't have it unless he said water. Not long after that, he was talking but not too much because I never stopped talking. My mom likes to tease me and says "you haven't stop talking since the day your were born." I can't help it, I don't like silence of any kind, it makes me nervous. I am pretty sure I inherited that trait from my dad which is funny because growing up, my brother and I would hate it when he talked to random people at the local corner store or anywhere in public. I do not do that, I just talk non-stop to my friends and family... you lucky people :) As J has said in the past "You always have something to say" I don't take that as a bad thing and he didn't mean it as a bad things its just true.

My brother and I have had some great times and some bad times but overall I am lucky to have him as my sibling. Now that we are older and no longer live with each other, we are great friends. I am happy that we got to celebrate his birthday yesterday with our parents and close friends. It was a great dinner and running down memory lane is always a good time.

So Happy Birthday little brother, hope you had a fantastic day!