Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Good Luck Josh

Good Luck Josh!! We hope that your 3 week journey over to Iraq will be a safe and sucessful one. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

See you Next year!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Place for a New Year

Here is our FABULOUS new place!!!

The guest rm


Master bd rm




Dinning Room

Living Room

Sunday, August 24, 2008

CONGRATS to the MBA Graduate

Yes this is very late but its the first time I have had a chance to post.... so


just sit back and relax now

On completing your MBA requirements.

It has been a long journey but you were determined to finish and you did! Your hard work as paid off and you can truly say no more school (thank goodness right?). I have watched you balance work, school and life over the last 5 years and I know it was hard to keep on track so make sure you take time to appreciate what you have accomplished. You may not believe this but not everyone wizzes through a graduate program....just you :) Kidding, kidding.. but really how many A's were given for papers wrote 20 minutes before class? No seriously, Congrats!

J- I know this post will embarrass you because god forbid you are complimented on your achievements but oh well :) I love you and I am excited for you and all the opportunities that are coming you way.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Running, Running and More Running

This past weekend J an I went to his parents camp to celebrate Father's Day weekend. We arrived Thursday night and we were greeted by his recently retired mom. On a side note: I can not wait to retire!! Since D is retired now, she has made the commitment to exercising and staying healthy so she walks/runs every day at least 10,000 steps. Friday was a beautiful morning so I join D on her walk on the highway near camp which gave us some girl time to chit chat. I love chatting with her, she is always cracking me up. After the walk, J and I went to Phillips Diner for breakfast where we enjoyed some great diner food. It was back to camp to relax and enjoy the sun. J's dad arrived homed later that afternoon and told us he wants us to meet this young doctor named Aris that has been filling in at the hospital for the past 2 weeks. Well I was told that he is called "Dr Mc.Steamy" by the woman at the hospital but didn't believe it until I saw with my own two eyes. Yes he was exactly that "Dr. McSteamy"!! Tall dark, great body and young with a Romanian accent oh and a doctor, yep sounds like a good mix to me. I will say this though, somethings are meant to be looked at and he my friends was exactly that. Very nice scenery for the time he stopped by to say Goodbye to Rel .

Saturday arrives and D had told us earlier in the week that she wanted to participate in the 5K run for the St.Lawrence festival so J and I decided to participate too. What a wake up call that was for us!! We were two of the youngest people there and finished in just under 39minutes. That is so sad since we have been going to the gym since November regularly. Not only did we finish with a worst time than expected, we were exhausted!! I was sore until Tuesday. So we decided that we were going to get into running shape and have ran a 5k every day since Tuesday. Well for me it has been only 2 days but I feel good that I can finish the 3.1 miles running when I am at the gym. J is doing really good too and we will continue this until we reach our goals. Mine is run the 3.1 miles in less than 30 minutes, which seems to be an easier goal but I am by no means a runner so it will take me a little bit to get there. J's dad is over 60 and can run the 5k quicker than us, good job Rel!! :) I see in my future a lot of running and I am looking forward to running another 5k competitively and actually finish with a good time.

It takes some hard work and dedication to get up early in the morning and hit the gym before work but the results are amazing. Before you know it, I'll be signing up for marathons... now that is funny!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tag- I am it

It has been awhile since I had the time to sit and write something on my blog. A lot has happened since my last post but first thing first, I was tagged by rel to write a 6 word memoir and here it is.


After school,




Now I tag (that is if they read this blog) D, Carrie, Shannon and Single and Sexy in Boston

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's day and I am very excited to celebrate it this year with my lovey. I don't get caught up in all the hype of this one day becasue I expect love and effection every day from my honey, not just one day of it.

J asked me a few weeks ago what I wanted to do for VD and I told him that I usually don't make plans for this holiday because something usually goes wrong. Its too much pressure for one day in my opinion. So I was surprised when he asked me if I wanted to go away for the weekend (awe he is a romantic) :) After looking at a few places, we decided to go to the White Oaks Resort ans Spa across the border. We have been there before but just to the spa but it seems extremely posh. The rooms look very modern and comfortable and the restaurant we are dinning at on Friday night looks very nice. We scheduled massages for Friday afternoon, dinner that night, breakfast the next morning and a 4 hour wine tour Saturday afternoon. Saturday night we plan to go to The Fallsview Casino and dinning at the Canyon Creek Chophouse, which is located in the casino.

Yesterday morning before work J says to me "I didn't get you flowers, I don't like buying them on holidays becasue I like to get them for you "just becasue"" Or course I laughed becasue he was telling me so I wasn't disappopinted today when they didn't come at work but really I don't care if I get flowers for VD. However, he surprised me last night with two bouquets of flowers that he brought home after class. I was giggling because it was too sweet. He continued the sweetness this morning by putting the VD card in my purse. He doens't like anyone to know but he is very sweet when he wants to be.

Thanks honey!! I love the flowers and card. I can't for this weekend!! I love you!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Yep another one bites the dust!! Happy Birthday to one of my dearest friends, Shannon.

She is very lucky that she lives out in the "sticks" or her yard would have been decorated with 30 pink flamingos and a huge sign announcing the big event. Carrie and I couldn't find a vendor who would drive to her house and do it. Of course the obnoxious, yet very thoughtful, balloon bouquet they sent me is not available in Texas so she escapes another one of our ideas. Hmmm what to do, what to do. Carrie and I racked our brains, or should i say "brain", and any idea we had got shot down either because of where Shan lives in TX or a time factor. So we sent her a very nice bouquet of flowers to the school she teaches at. Disappointing for us because we like to announce it to the world when one of us has an important event. I mean we are the most important people around, ha ha ha. But Shannon loved the flowers and they were the only ones she received at school so that is good.

Shan- you deserved a bigger announcement so here it is:


HAPPY 2008 ???

So the clock struck midnight and it became 2008. I had great hope for this new year, sort of a new beginning for me but the year had something else in store for me. If the remaining eleven months are going to be anything like the first few weeks, I am in for a long year. Maybe I should look at it that I got some bad stuff out of the way right off the bat and my year can only get better. I did say I wanted to stay positive so yes that is the way I will think of 2008 for now.

Its funny how priorities and perspective change as you get older. The number one priority I had in my early 20's every new year was to make sure I passed my courses so I wouldn't have to take summer school or retake a class the following semester. Nothing was worse, at the time, than having to retake a course. I was good in school but I had to stay focused or you could forget it. With my friends, it was easy to loose focus, who wants to study when you can go to Maldune's and have $1.25 Rolling Rock and listen to our friend's AC/DC cover band? Focused is what I stayed though, I finished college with pretty good grades and as the first person from my family to have a 4 year degree. Than as time went on my priorities started to get more "mature", getting my credit in line, figuring out my career path etc. I am pretty sure I have figured those out but what now? What do I focus on now?

How do I create a Happy 2008 for myself? This is a question I have asked myself since the rocky beginning of this year and I can only come up with one answer. Focus on me and do what I want to do this year. It sounds simple but if you know me at all you will understand that focusing on me is not my strong point but I am working on it. For starters I went to visit my dearest friends in Texas, by myself and Carrie and I are planning a girls weekend for March. I am very excited about that. For now I will stay focused, focused on me and maybe just maybe 2008 turn out as I hope.