Monday, May 7, 2007

Cinco de Mayo

This past Saturday was Cinco de Mayo and around here the place to celebrate it is Cozumel. It was exactly what I needed after the week I had.

The week started out with my dad going into the hospital with pneumonia. He went to the Dr's because he was having a hard time breathing and they admitted him to the hospital to run tests and to get him on heavy antibiotics. While doing all the testing, they came across a problem with his heart. This only meant that he would be staying longer than he expected, which did not make him happy. They put a heart monitor on him to find out if this problem was a side effect of his the meds they gave him or if it was a problem that needed more attention. It turns out that his right and left atrium's were not pumping as strong as they should be. If I understood the Dr correctly, this could cause blood clots and we know that is not good. So after a few days of observation, antibiotics, blood thinners ( via a shot) and rest, my dad was ready to come home on Friday. His Dr wanted him to stay a few more days so that the transition from the shot to a pill would happen in the hospital but 5 days in there was more then my dad could handle. He had to learn how to administer the shot before being released. The good news is that my dad is on the road to getting healthier, the bad news, he had to miss his trip to Reno today, Dr's orders. He and my brother bowl in the USBC National Tournament every year. My dad has been participating in this tournament every year since I can remember. My brother joined him a few years ago when he became eligible to bowl. Unfortunately, my dad has to sit out this one. But there is always next year.

The weather was perfect for cerveza que bebe ( drinking beer) on the patio of Cozumel to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. It was sunny, breezing and in the mid 60's. According to, Cinco de Mayo commemorates an initial victory of Mexican over French forces in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Honestly I wasn't sure what it was for, I thought it was their Independence day, which I found out is in September. For whatever reason it happens, I am grateful!! J and I met M and E at there house and headed downtown. The parking is not exactly great for this event especially if you don't start celebrating by noon. We had to park our cars a few streets away and hike it to the bar. For the guys it's no big deal because they have sneakers or shoes on but of course us girls dress for fashion not comfort. We let the guys go get the cars and pick us up when we were ready to go home :) The place was already packed with partiers when we got there at 4pm. If I had to guess I would say about 200 people were there when we arrived and more then that when we left a few hours later. It was an hour wait for a table so we gave the girl our name and grabbed a few Coronas to enjoy. It is the perfect setting to "people watch". That is my favorite thing to do in a large, busy area of people. There are always "interesting" groups or individuals who amuse me while I am out. My personal favorite are the older guys who are still stuck in the 70's or 80's and still think they are cool. We finally got seated and it took forever to order but it was worth the wait. The food is excellent. After eating we deiced to leave and go hang out with M's parents who were in town this weekend. They are a blast!!

To top off the great ending to a not so great week, the Sabres won the series against the Rangers on Sunday in NY. They are off to face Ottawa in the Conference final starting on Thursday. The Sabres have home ice advantage so the first game will be at home. Ottawa is a tough team but the Sabres are playing to win this year!! GO SABRES


Anonymous said...

you are cute:) JR

Anonymous said...

Hope your Dad is doing better!
Sounds like you guys had fun celebrating Cinco de Mayo!
I have cheered for the Senators in the past- might just have to side with the Sabres this wkend. Looking forward to seeing you both!!
I enjoy your writing!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a blast. We watched the De La Hoya/Mayweather fight, but there was only ginger ale in my night:)