Sunday, April 29, 2007

The 10 Minute Trip

The Sabres won their 2nd game in round 2 against the Rangers Friday night at home. J and I watched part of the game with a few friends at a local bar, ate some good food and then all of us decided to watch the rest of the game at home. The beers are cheaper and the seats are more comfortable at home :) It is great to watch the home town team play with a bunch of friends. The excitement in the house was the same as if we were at the game. We cheered and hi-fived with every Sabre goal. The better they play, the smoother the beer went down :) I was a little tipsy and in a very happy, warm and fuzzy mood by the end of the game. J and I called it a night shortly after the game ended. We wanted to get up at a decent time the next morning to start our errands early.

This Saturday morning was not as sunny as the last one. Matter of fact it was gloomy, raining and cold. Not Winter cold but Spring cold for sure. Manhattan Bagel was our destination for breakfast. They have really good omelet wraps but not so good coffee so we had to go to Dunkin Donuts for that :) After our breakfast, we decided that we were going to look for furniture. We didn't want to buy anything right now but J just wanted to look and see what is out there for leather couches. K, one of the guys we hung out with on Friday for the game, is a sales person at Ashley Furniture. The store is only 10 minutes from J's place so that is where we were headed. Now if you know me, you know that I am not the best at directions. I usually know how to get to places but I don't know the details, like the actual street name or route number. So we get on the thruway and J asked me if we get off at the Milestrip exit, I look at him, smile and say " I don't know. But I know it's the same way you get to the stadium" I know that doesn't help but I honestly didn't know the exit number. I decide I will use J's phone because it has the Internet to decide what exit to get off of. I had no idea how to get to the right web page to look up Ashley furniture and by the time I did, we just past the exit. The same exit J just asked me about. We figure, no big deal, we will just get off the next exit, get back on the thruway and get off at the right exit coming the other way. I should explain that I am very tired from the night before and laughing because we missed the exit and I couldn't figure out the phone. Thank goodness J finds me entertaining because when I get over tired, I get giddy like a little kid. We get off the next exit which is not too far down, pay the toll, turn around, get another ticket and off to the correct exit (we think). As we approach, what would be the correct exit to get to the store, there are orange triangles, letting us know that the exit is under construction. We get even closer and see that the exit is closed. Oh man I am laughing so hard I have tears coming down my face and J begins to find this trip funny too. The next exit after this one is the original starting point of our adventure. We come to the next exit, pay the toll, which means we have done a complete circle and are back where we started, at the exit for J's apartment. For a split second we think maybe it just wasn't meant to be to get to the furniture store today but J is determined now. Ok, we turn around and starting our trip once again. We get on the thruway, get a ticket and we now know what exit to get off of. As we finally get off the "right" exit, I realize it really isn't the right exit!!!! We didn't even have to get on the thruway to begin with. We could have gotten off at the exit before this one ( which is actually the RIGHT exit) and avoided all the issues we just had. HAHAHAHAHA, oh this was the right thing to make this 10 min trip, that turned into an hour trip, the funniest, most ridiculous event. Finally we made it to Ashley Furniture. YEAH!!!! At this point it doesn't really matter if we find something we like or not, just getting there now seemed to be the accomplishment. However, we entered the store and met K at the front door. He found our adventure amusing. We headed off towards the couch and starting sitting on all the ones we liked. J and I liked the same couches but his number one was my number two and vice versa. At least we have similar taste. Anyway we knew were not buying that day but it was good to find out what was out there.

Our 10 minute trip after breakfast took us so long, it was time for lunch and J was ready for a beer. We went across the plaza to Kelsey's, to eat some good grub. We had never been to a Kelsey's. It was cute inside, sort of like a pub. The food was good and we had a very nice waitress. I was exhausted, so back home we headed. This time the trip back home only took us 10 minutes. :)

Oh- The Sabres lost today in double OT 2-1. They play the Rangers on Tuesday in NY. They will win that game!! GO SABRES!


Anonymous said...
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Shannon & David said...

Absolutely hilarious. You crack me up. I finally figured out how to get back to your blog! I am so excited, but realized how blah my blog is:) I don't know how to do all the fancy things like add links and pictures, but I finally got D posting on our blog:) Love and miss ya.

femmme said...

I am in Dunkin Donuts anonymous
half and half and extra sugar please
ten minute trips always last half a day

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