Monday, May 21, 2007

Sad Saturday

The energy around Buffalo before Saturday's game was intense. The party-in-the-plaza started at 11 am and it was perfect weather to celebrate outside. Even my sister who just got back from visiting my nephew in Japan called me to see if I wanted to go party and watch the game in the plaza. I had to decline the invite since I already had plans to BBQ and watch the game at Marissa's house. Plus I was not going to stand for hours, in the sun, surrounded by thousands of people and only be allowed 3 beers. :) After the first party-in-the-plaza, the event coordinators decided to limit anyone of drinking age to 3 beers in order to keep the event family friendly.

We got to Marissa's house just before the opening face-off, everyone was pumped for the game. Even little Madison had on her Sabres hoody sweatshirt on. The game was exciting and nerve racking, I gave myself a stomach ache again. The Sabres scored the first goal and then Ottawa the next 2 and then of course the Sabres tie it up in the 3rd period. They did have a few chances to score the winning goal but it just wasn't in the cards for them. Drury got hit right in the face while standing in front of the Senators goal, which unfortunately stopped the puck from scoring. Then the Sabres set up to score again and those dirty Senators slid into the net, knocking it off it's spot which again prevented the puck from scoring. I swear the player did it on purpose. So off to OT the game went. I was nervous but confident we would score first, I mean it seemed that the Sabres had enough experience with OT that it would be simple for them. Unfortunately for Sabre fans and the city of Buffalo, the Senators scored. It was such a disappointment that all of us watching the game just stared at the TV in disbelief. It was such a let down after all the excitement and emotions that went into the playoffs.

The commentators had annoyed us all game and now that the Senators won, we couldn't bare to hear another word out of their mouths. Marissa and Eric started to get the food ready to be BBQ and J and I went outside to play with Madison and practice playing Horseballs. Horseballs is such a fun game for outside. You sent up these "racks" 10-20 feet apart and they are color coded. The top rung is red and worth 3 points, the middle rung is yellow and worth 2 point and the bottom one is blue and worth 1 point. You swing the balls ( two tennis balls attached with a short piece of rope) and aim for the opposite rack. You score by getting the balls to land on one of the rungs and can knock your opponents off too, which doesn't let them score. The first person or team to reach 21 wins.

While the food was cooking, Marissa was talking with her neighbors and we decided to put a small wager on the horse race coming up. It was going to be on after they got done talking about the hockey game. The Preakness is the second jewel of the Triple Crown and Street Sense was the favorite to win. There were 9 horses and 9 people between us and the people over at the neighbors so we wrote the names of the horse on pieces of paper, gave $5 each and picked a horse. Eric picked Street Sense, I picked Curlin and J got Xchanger. The food was done cooking just in time for us to make a plate and sit down to watch the race. I personally don't enjoy horse racing that much but I do watch it time to time. Well Xchanger was in the lead for a little bit but Street Sense made his move and he was leading the pack the last stretch of the track. Curlin came up the side and in a photo-finish won. I didn't even realize I had the horse that won, I was still in a daze from the Sabres losing. We finished eating and decided to head home. I was really exhausted from the day.

The Sabres had one hell of a season this year and unfortunately we are very unlikely to see this team as they are for next year. In a way I am glad they lost because now I can concentrate on studying but it would have been great to see the Stanley Cup for the first time reside in Buffalo. We love the hometown team and are looking forward to see what next season brings.

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Remiman said...

It was a heart breaker for sure!

I never watch hockey, but we did watch it on Sat. and felt bad when the Sabres lost. Probably because of the connection to you and J. ;-)