Sunday, June 14, 2009

Was that a Kick?

This weekend we road up to J's parents for the 1st visit to camp for the summer. As always it was extremely relaxing and I had such a great time enjoying the company.

We arrived Friday around 3 to the house to meet his parents there. That's where we got to meet Willy the handy man or I should say contractor who is remodeling the bathroom. His work is unbelievable especially for just one guy. After all said and done the bathroom will be transformed into something to their own spa. We got in a quick workout in the gym and than headed to camp to unload our stuff and get ready for dinner. We ate at the Grandview, our first time there, which was a very good dinner. I had filet mignon and Jacob had the seafood buffet. Our discussions at dinner were mostly about us looking for a house and what to expect when I go into labor.

Saturday was a nice day. D had a wedding shower to attend that afternoon while Bob went for a walk. J and I headed back to the house to do some laundry we brought, went to lunch at The Busy Corner Cafe than head to Wal Mart for some essentials we needed. By the time we got back, D and Bob were back and had some things prepared for the grill. I was so looking forward to the 1st grilled camp dinner. It truly is my favorite. It's marinated chicken, mixed veggies, glazier hot dogs and sausage on the grill. Oh and let's not forget the salt potatoes that D cooks up to go along with the grilled yumminess. For dessert, it was strawberry shortcake. Like I said it's the meal I look forward to when going to camp.

Spike TV was playing Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2 this weekend in memory of David Carradine. Jacob and I have seen these movies a few times but his dad had not so we sat down and started watching. During vol 2 while I was relaxing on the comfy chair I feel something unusual in my abdominal. It actually took me by surprise and than I realized I just felt Sophia kick. I couldn't believe it! People have been asking me for a few weeks if I feel anything and than they describe what I should be feeling and until that moment I hadn't felt anything. We have seen her move during sonograms but no feeling it. It happened about 3 more times and than it went away. I am assuming it was a kick or movement of some kind but since this is my 1st I can only go on the descriptions people have given me. It feels like a hard flutter or actually it feels like a little human is kicking me. :)

I can't wait to feel her again and to have Jacob feel her. The only emotion I have now is excitement, extreme happiness and calmness. I didn't expect to feel calm but somehow that's how I feel when I think of Sophia in there growing and waiting for the perfect time to introduce herself to the world.

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KoffeeBean said...

We love having you guys
visit us & I think Sophia was trying to tell you that she really likes camp, too!!!!
D & rel