Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's A Girl!!

Yesterday we went to our 18 week sonogram and one of the 1st things the lady asked us once the goo was put on my belly was if we wanted to know the sex of our baby. This has been an on going discussion but a couple of weeks ago I agreed with Jacob that we should find out. The main reason I wanted to know was so we could work on names and to know how to plan the nursery.

So the nice woman starts to move her wand around my abdominal and what does she find? A little girl all curled up. At first it was just like the last sonogram, the lady taking pics at different angels and Jacob and I staring at the screen in awe. Some things were very different though. This time the baby was much bigger than the last time but still wanted to give us a hard time and wouldn't get in the correct positions for pictures. We got to see blood flow to and from the lungs and kidneys. We saw the spine, legs, feet, arms, hands, 4 chambers of the heart, stomach and finally we got to see that we are having a girl. It took me a few seconds to realize what she said but once I did I was smiling ear to ear. Jacob grabbed and squeezed my hand and I had to fight back tears. It still is very surreal that we are having a baby and now knowing that we will have a little princess to meet, it just becomes almost like a dream.
It didn't matter to me either way if we were having a girl or boy but knowing is a lot of fun. I am still curious if the news would be sweeter if we waited until the day the baby arrived but than again maybe knowing at anytime is the greatest news. It occurred to me yesterday that I don't think I have ever experienced true happiness before yesterday. Being pregnant and waiting to meet the little angel is truly an amazing feeling. It's great to be me and have this life.


Remiman said...

You guys are truly amazing!
Can't wait to hold "Our Gal SAL"
Love ya,

KoffeeBean said...

I love this picture of you guys!!!