Thursday, June 11, 2009

Half Way There!

Today marks the start of the 20th week of pregnancy which means we are half way there. HOLY COW!!! We are half way there!! Its so exciting. Its like the best build up of excitement ever experienced.

We have some big decisions to think about such as daycare options, finding a pediatrician and many more. Our 1st parenting class is in a few weeks which is a 8 hour class on a Saturday. It is a little early to take the Prepared Childbirth class but I would rather take it now than wait and end up missing it. I am interested in finding out what we will learn but I am not looking forward to watching the birthing video. Yes this may sound silly since I will be giving birth in about 20 weeks however I do not want to watch giving birth at all. The less I know the better I am because I think the anticipation would be worse. We have to find time to register for baby gifts for our baby shower which is extremely overwhelming. There are so many products to choose from how do we know what we need and what brand is the best? I have asked the many new moms I know but everyone has their own opinion. We did start a registry on a website but its just clothes and diaper bags. At least I can pick those things out.

Below is my favorite picture of me and J so I thought I would share. Its the one that will go in our baby girl's baby book we have.

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