Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Trip

Jacob and I visited my best friends in Texas for Memorial Day weekend. We got to meet Lean and Aaron, the new additions to Carrie and Shannon's families. We stayed with Carrie, Erik and Leah for 4 days and got to witness what its like having a new born around 24 hours a day. Well at least during the day. We didn't have night duty but soon enough we will.


Leah is absolutely adorable, even when she is fussing. Leah is a lot of work, she demands to be held and walked around pretty much all day but all babies are demanding in some way. I have to say that she makes the best faces I have ever seen an infant make.


Aaron is super cute. He has a really big smile and this beautiful big eyes. I think he looks like Shannon but we will see as he grows up. We went to Shannon's parents house for a BBQ on Saturday which was really nice. Anthony, Aaron's older brother has grown a lot and loves the water. He we so happy when he got to go in the pool.

Anthony and Mommy

The visit was a lot of fun but 4 days is not long enough so we are trying to plan a family vacation in the summer of 2011. I think that we will need family vacations each year to make sure our kids know each other and for us to spend time together. It was a great weekend and its always hard for me to leave. Until next time I will watch Carrie and Shannon's kids grow up through pictures.

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