Sunday, June 3, 2007

Party Time

It was Madison's 2nd b-day on Friday and Marissa threw her party on Saturday. It was the perfect weather, sunny, warm ( 90 degrees), and breezy. J and I got to the house around 3 ( the party started at 2) and all of Eric's family was there along with Marissa's mom.
I was so excited to go shopping for a little 2 year old girl. There were so many options for me to choose from. I felt bad because J wanted to be there when I went shopping but our schedules just didn't allow that. I started in the little girl clothes section first ( of course). It was a sea of pinks, purples and frills. I picked up a really cute Dora ( that is the rave for 2 year olds) tank top with frills on the arms and on the bottom that was matched with really cute purple shorts. Unfortunately I couldn't find the right size for Madison so on to the toy section. This was my favorite part, I got to try out all the cool toys they have out for little ones. At first I was very confused on where to exactly look for the right age appropriate toys so I asked a lady standing in one of the toy aisles and she pointed me in the right direction. I know that toys have age labels on them such as 18m+ or infant, etc but I wasn't finding the perfect toy for Madison in her age group. I finally came across an aisle of Backyardagains( back-yard-agains) items and remembered that this is one of Madison's favorite shows to watch. I was standing in front of a plastic guitar, with the different characters on buttons and each one had a different song and a plastic radio with mic that had the 5 characters on buttons that played 10 different songs in 5 categories. I tested both items out and decided on the radio. I thought that Madison will love hearing her voice come out of the radio. The radio is interesting, it has 5 categories of music, rock, disco, zydeco, ska ( yep funny right?) and salsa. When you pressed the button, a song with the character singing would play. It's really funny when you actually listen to the words of each song, they sound like a toddler made them up but it is for entertaining them so I guess that makes sense. Off to the movie/music section for a Backyaragains DVD. Madison loves her DVDs and I wanted to get her another little something and Backyardagains Surf's up was the pick.

Marissa had the house and back porch all decorated in Dora colors, purple and orange with matching plates, napkins and silverware. She even got a huge Dora helium balloon for Madison (she just loved it). Everyone was outside enjoying the weather. Well, not everyone, there were some inside taking advantage of the air conditioning but I thought it was perfect weather. We found Madison at her new sand/water table playing with her toys, smiling and laughing. She was in heaven, everyone over, means more people to play with. Marissa had her dressed in white capri pants and a really cute brown top. That outfit only lasted a little bit and like a true girl, changed mid-way through the party into an adorable orange and white romper. J and I got introduced to the people we didn't know and than grabbed a beer to sit down and enjoy. It's such a great feeling to watch kids run around, play and have fun. Madison was loving having her cousins there to put her on the swings, play in her new pool and play with her new sand/water table. The food arrived shortly after we got there, pizza, wings, salads, all your normal party stuff. A short time after eating, it was present time but J and I missed it because we had to run to the store for a few things that were needed. I was a little disappointed but Madison was getting a little tired so they needed to do it when they did. She really didn't open them herself but loved seeing all the stuff for her. I was glad to hear that Marissa thought she would love what we got her and that she didn't already have that DVD. The party continued with Madison trying out some of her gifts and J and I just enjoying everyone's company. It was cake time and Madison had been practicing blowing out her candle for some time leading up to this moment. Everyone gathered around the table to look at the Dora cake and to sing happy birthday. The singing began and at first Madison was loving it and then she got shy and covered her face ( very cute). The song ended, we counted to 3 and she blew out her candle. It was so exciting that she actually blew it out herself. All of us clapped and cheered.

After most quests went home and the baby was in bed, Marissa and Eric got to sit down with us and Patty ( Marissa's mom) and relax. It was a really good birthday party and Madison seemed to have a ball. It was great to be there and I am glad we got to go and help celebrate her birthday.

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