Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Alex


Today is Alex's 2nd birthday. How time flies, just yesterday I was at the hospital waiting to meet little Alex. He has an older brother Andrew who will be turning 4 next month.

J and I went to visit them this past Sunday since we won't be in town for Alex's b-day party this weekend. As always the boys were in good moods and very energetic. It would be nice if as adults we could have some of that energy to get us through day. I suppose if we got to take a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day we would. Andrew is really talkative and says the funniest things. I asked him what he wanted for his b-day next month and he said " a diaper". I thought that was odd since he is potty trained but then realized Alex was getting his diaper changed and he was being funny. So I ask " And what are you going to do with a diaper? You are not a baby anymore" Andrew said " put it on the fan" and looked up at the ceiling fan. All of us were laughing and he was grinning ear to ear knowing what he just said was silly. He loves to preform for a crowd. Alex is a little more shy than Andrew but still as cute and smiling. I think he doesn't get to talk as much because his older brother doesn't stop to give him a chance. I, of course, was the same... never shutting up so my little brother could talk. The poor kid hummed and pointed when he wanted something, my mom would get so frustrated... Anyway this was the first time J had met them and he seemed entertained by them. I love Linda's boys and I am glad I got to hang with them for a little bit, they get so big, so fast.

Happy 2nd Birthday little cutie.

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Remiman said...

Kids can be a window through which to see the world clearly. ;-)