Friday, June 15, 2007

Camping Trip

This morning J and I are getting ready to go camping this weekend. It was his request for his birthday gift and this weekend was really the only weekend we had to go. I didn't realize it was father's day this Sunday until after I made the reservations but we are going to stop at his parents on Sunday to see his dad.

We are going to Schroon Valley Resort near Lake George until Sunday. We are not really roughing it, I reserved a cabin for us but it does not have a kitchen or a bathroom so I guess just sort of camping. I used to camp all the time when I was younger but I had a hard time thinking of all the things we would need this weekend, I didn't have to worry about that, my mom took care of all that stuff. Moms are great like that. Anyway, we are going white water rafting on Saturday while we are there. Wild Waters Outdoor Center is about 20 minutes from the camp site and we have to sign in at 8 am. It's an all day adventure so they will serve us lunch on the river and dinner when we get back. J and I have never been so we are really excited. I am nervous just because I am not sure what to expect but I am sure it is going to be so much fun. However, I am going to be lost without my chapstick, the lady at the place said that we should leave all of our personal items locked in the car. I know it sounds silly but I really am addicted to chapstick so it will be an experience. Wild Waters provides us with all the equipment we will need, helmet, life vest and a guide. To be honest, I am no excited/nervous about it, I haven't really slept all week, it's like waiting for Christmas day . :)

I have to finish getting packed so we can get on the road soon. We have about 5 hours in the car an probably a little longer since I have to stop every few hours. I love taking road trips with J so this should be a blast.

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