Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What a Road Trip!

J and I are back safe from our road trip this weekend. It was an absolute blast!! Even a little rain didn't stop me from having the best weekend to date.

After completing some errands on Friday morning, we were officially on the road to Schroon Valley Resort by noon. The day before, I printed driving directions from yahoo maps and they estimated that it would take us 4 hrs and 53 mins to get to our first destination. I knew, however, it would take longer than that. For one, I have to stop every couple of hours to use the ladies room and stretch my legs and I was also in charge of reading the directions which I am not so good at. We did get a little turned around because my interpretation of the directions were a little off but that only delayed us about 20 minutes, we arrived at the camp ground at 6pm, just like I predicted :) Most of the campers there were in RV's and seemed to plan on staying there for most of the summer. After checking in, we found our cabin and begun to unpack. I had bought most of the groceries we needed that morning back home but we needed to get hot dogs and such at the local store. The cabin was very cozy and cute. You walk into the front room where there is a futon, table, chairs, microwave and a dorm size fridge with a freezer compartment. In the back room, which was the bedroom, there was a full size "bed" to the right and bunk beds on the other side of the room along with an air conditioner. The "bed" was really a piece of ply wood with a thin mat on it. Thank goodness for the futon mat in the front room, that made a huge difference that night when we went to bed.

After unpacking, we asked at the front office where the closest grocery store was and headed in that direction to pick a few things up. We walked into the Grand Union and it was much smaller store than I was used to but had everything we needed including sticks to make S'Mores. I had never had one until this weekend and I even went camping a lot when I was younger. You could tell that most of the patrons in the store were out of towners looking for supplies for the week. We got back to camp and J started the grill and a fire in the fire pit right outside of our cabin. He is really good at making fire, which led me to call him my big strong man all weekend, which annoyed him by the end of the 3 days :) But honestly, when I am with him, I know that he will do all the manly things and I won't have to worry about it.. that's a good thing :) We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, which we had with the pasta salad and antipasto we picked up at the grocery store. We moved ourselves from the picnic table to the chairs around the camp fire. We drank some beers, met the "neighbors" and relaxed for the rest of the night by the fire. It was perfect.

More to come.. Whitewater rafting...


Shannon & David said...

That place sounds awesome. I am so happy you guys had fun! Can't wait to read about the whitewater rafting portion of the triP!

Anonymous said...

That big strong man sounds delicious:)