Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mom & Baby are Good

I am relieved I finally got to talk to the new mommy today for more than 5 minutes. Anthony was down for a nap and she was up to chatting on the phone so I called and we chatted for45 minutes. Shan sounds fantastic and says everything is going good so far. Last night was the first night at home and no major mishaps occurred. Her dogs are interested in the new noise maker but are very well behaved and actually one of her dogs, Tyson, guards the bassinet.

I have to say that Shannon was and is still so calm about being a mom. I have seen new moms freak at everything or some that worry too much but not her she seems like she has been a mom for a long time. Maybe working with 1st and 2nd graders for the last 6 years has trained her to have patience but whatever it is, when I was talking to her it was just like any other day. She did say its so new and a little overwhelming but nothing too major. I still can't get over that she is a mom, I have known her since we were in 9th grade and sometimes I think we are so young but really life has flown right on by. If you were to ask us when we were younger how our lives would be when we grow up, we would have said that all of us (the brain) would live on the same street with our families and have weekend BBQs etc. Life has taken us in different directions but our friendship has never wavered. It has only gotten stronger and we know now that it can withstand anything, including distance. Thank goodness too because I wouldn't know what to do without my two rocks that is for sure. By the way Shan, Anthony is the perfect name for your perfect baby!!

Here are a few more pics that mommy shared with her friends and family.

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