Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Belated Birthdays!!

I feel bad that I have missed some birthday wishes to my friends and family so this are my belated b-day wishes.


Happy 8th birthday to my youngest niece MaKenna. She turned 8 in October and is really just adorable. She loves being the center of attention!! She is a cheerleader just like her big sister and loves the things most 8 year old love, Hanna Montana, High School Musical and clothes. She has already circled all the clothes she wants from the Limited Too catalog for Christmas. She is so tall already at 8 that I can only guess she will take after her mom in the height department. Watch out when she gets to be a teenager :)

Mary as Elvis

Happy Birthday Mary!! Mary's birthday was on Halloween. She dressed up as Elvis for work and won a few prizes for the outfit. I did remember to send her flowers which she ended up with two bouquets because the first one she got was not the one I ordered for her. I can remember the first day i met Mary, it was my first day one the job and she was super friendly when we were introduced. I didn't talk much at first because I am super shy when I meet new people but after her and I started talking, we never stopped. She is hilarious and a great listener. I love hearing the stories she tells me about her son, he is a character. Thanks Mary for always listening :)

M, Marissa and Me

Happy Birthday Marissa!! Marissa's birthday was earlier this month and I have been so busy that I haven't even gotten a chance to celebrate with her or give her presents. I met Marissa at work and is one of the few woman I met that was actually nice outside of work. She is a great friend, and is always a lot of fun to be around. She has a 2 year old that is just absolutely adorable. I just adore her, she has quite a personality and she is smart. She mimics anything Marissa does or says which is always entertaining. Marissa is lucky to have such a great child but really she deserves all the credit for the way her daughter is. I am lucky to know Marissa and her family. Sorry the birthday wish is late girl!!

My cousins and My gram

Happy 84th birthday to my Grandmother. Minus some joint problems, my gram is in good shape for her age. My grandfather passed away last year which has taken a little toll on her but she has coped better than any of us expected. My cousins on the picture go over to her house once a week to watch movies with her and she loves it. They mostly watch modern movies like Elf with Will Farrell or her favorite Blood Diamond. My grandmother used to be a social butterfly but now that her knees are not keeping up, she looks forward to us visiting with her or take her shopping. I used to live in a house behind her and I would love the summer and spring evenings when we would sit on her porch and talk. She loves to gossip about the latest news of the family or about the next door neighbors or even what is going on in her favorite soap opera. I loved listening to stories about how her and my grandpa met or what he was like before he lost his hearing etc. She has her moments were she drives me crazy but overall I adore her. In a time where most woman stayed home to take care of the family, my grandmother insisted that she work. My grandfather only agreed to it when the youngest child went to school and only at night. So she worked over night at a hospital as a nurse (LPN) and was really good at what she did. I can tell she loved doing just by the way she tells the stories. She is 84 years young and I hope she sticks around for awhile.

I think I am all caught up now. :)

I almost forgot.... Happy Birthday to Hailey and Crystal!! They are J's nieces and I just met them last January. They are great kids and a lot of fun to be around. I am looking forward to seeing them for Thanksgiving.
OK I think I got everyone now :)

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