Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Birthdays All Around!!

November is a very busy month my family for birthdays!! My brother, my oldest sister Sherri, my niece Kayla, my grandma, three of my cousins and two of my friends.


Happy 18th birthday to my niece Kayla!! I can't believe she is already 18 and ready to head off to college next fall. I remember when she was born, she was the cutest little girl I had ever seen, she stole my heart the moment I held her. I haven't always been there to see her grow up since she is a military brat but she has turned into a remarkable young lady and I am lucky to be apart of her life now. I am excited to see her go off to college and start the best time of her life. I have to admit that I am a little jealous, I would give anything to start that part of my life again. I keep telling her to enjoy the next 4-5 years because there will not be another time like it again. Its so exciting and nerve racking leaving high school and the friends you have had for years but its worth the experience!! I am taking her to the Spa on Sunday for a girls day of pampering for her birthday. She had never been and wanted to go so that's were I come in and make it happen.

Sherri, V,R,dad and me

Happy 45th birthday to my sister Sherri!! Oh man .... you are so close to 50 :) Just kidding. My sister was 15 when I was born and had the great duty of babysitting me. I was cute but not always the best behaved little one. I would throw myself on the floor screaming for no reason. I am sure it was to get attention but my family says when the fits happened they were out of the blue. My poor sisters!! They tell me that I was like a little doll to them and they loved to dress me up but I am aware I was a brat. Not much has changed :) Sherri was always my big sister, I was in her weddings, I worked for her at her bridal shop, I went to her when I needed decorating or fashion tips. When I was only 5 she became a mom, to my nephew and what a great mom she is. As most moms she wanted the best for Matt and she did just that. He is very successful in the Air Force, working his way up the ranks while starting a family of his own. I know he will be a great father and husband because she set the right examples for him. She provided him with strong family morals and showed him how to be caring and understanding. I give my sister a lot of flack about the things she is into or for the way she is but it is out of love. I really admire the mountains she had overcome in her life and I am proud she is my sister. Key Key loves you :)

I hope both of you have wonderful days!!

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