Thursday, November 8, 2007


It is a day late but Happy 27th Birthday to my little brother DJ. Well that isn't the name he was given at birth but that is the name he has been called since day one.

Me, my gram and DJ Christmas 2006

On November 7th, 1980 Harold Douglas Jr was born and according to my mom, its the day I became a mini mom. My sisters are much older than my brother and I and when they found out he was named after our father, they decided he would be called DJ. Even when he went to grade school, the teacher would call his name "Harold" for roll call and he wouldn't say a thing. Finally my mom had to tell them that he only answers to DJ. Than he got to high school and most of the teacher he had, knew him as "Kristy's little brother." I know he would have preferred Harold over that label any day. Not only did the teachers call him that but everyone older than him in that school referred to him as that. He actually asked me one day to tell my friends that his name is DJ not "Kristy's little brother."

When most babies are learning how to talk, my brother was humming and I was translating for the family what he needed. As my sisters and parents recall, I was the only one that knew what each hum was for and there were many different sounding hums that he made. Finally one day, he was humming for a glass of water and my mom told him he couldn't have it unless he said water. Not long after that, he was talking but not too much because I never stopped talking. My mom likes to tease me and says "you haven't stop talking since the day your were born." I can't help it, I don't like silence of any kind, it makes me nervous. I am pretty sure I inherited that trait from my dad which is funny because growing up, my brother and I would hate it when he talked to random people at the local corner store or anywhere in public. I do not do that, I just talk non-stop to my friends and family... you lucky people :) As J has said in the past "You always have something to say" I don't take that as a bad thing and he didn't mean it as a bad things its just true.

My brother and I have had some great times and some bad times but overall I am lucky to have him as my sibling. Now that we are older and no longer live with each other, we are great friends. I am happy that we got to celebrate his birthday yesterday with our parents and close friends. It was a great dinner and running down memory lane is always a good time.

So Happy Birthday little brother, hope you had a fantastic day!

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