Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Brother's Cats need a Home

As you can tell by the title of this post, my brother's two cats need a home. He is finally moving out of my mom's house but can not take the cats to his new place. I would love to take them but I already have two and I can't have four cats and two humans in an apartment. Plus I tried casually mentioning it to J, just to see what he would say, and he to no surprise he said it was a bad idea. Actually come to think of it, he said I would be crazy and may have mumbled " and living by yourself" HAHAHAHA :) So anyway if anyone knows of a good home for these two cats, please let me know. One is male and one is female, both fixed and front de-clawed. Since they have always been a pair, they have to go to the same house.
Poor kittys, if you know me, I would have a house full of kitty's. You can't have enough cuddly, furry little family members :)

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crazy kitties