Monday, July 23, 2007

Baby Shower

After a lot of planning and hard work, the baby shower for Shannon went off without any major problems. It is a tad early for a shower since the baby isn't due until December but this was the only time that she was coming home to visit before the little guy gets here and it was a must that we throw her a shower. Personally, I love planning events, especially for people close to me. As soon as I mentioned to Carrie that I wanted to throw Shan a shower, she pitched right in and together we got it done. I couldn't have done it without her. I wish she could have come into town for the party, it isn't the same without her but we did have a good time.
The day started as usual for me. My alarm went off at 5:30 am and I was up out of bed, getting ready for work. I figured I should get there a little early since I was leaving at noon to finish getting all the items for the shower later that night. We were holding the shower on Friday night, at first we were not sure how this would work, but it turned out it was perfect. I had to pick up the favors from Fowlers Chocolate, pick up the balloon order from Balloon Masters ( the balloon rattles), the balloons from Party City (for a game), put the favors together and get all the decorations and balloons to the restaurant before 5:30pm. The party started at 6:30 but I needed some time to get the room in appropriate baby shower motif. I enlisted my younger cousin Brett to help me transport all the balloons and decorations to the restaurant. Thank goodness he was around, he saved me about an hour of driving from my house to the location multiple times.

Balloon Masters - Rattles

When I got to Frank's (the restaurant), I was not happy at all with the way the room was set up for the party. They had tables put together so they formed one long table for 30 seats. How does that makes sense? It looked more like the Last Super than a baby shower. I found the waitress and waiter that greeted me when I came in and asked them to adjust the seating. They were very helpful and broke up the tables as I asked. I started to get some of the balloons untangled when Shan walked in with grandma and Becky. Right behind them came Betty (David's mom), and his aunts. I was happy to have some help arrive but felt a little rushed. I was hoping to have the room all decorated and babyish before Shan came in. Betty finished untangling the balloons while the rest of us finished all the details. Our friend Linda came early and really helped keeping me on track of the tasks and always making me laugh. AHH the room was finally done, the cake (provided by Betty) was in place and people started to arrive.

Final Product for the Favors

(buggy, bottle, foot and carriage cookie cutters filled with chocolate and "It's a boy" chocolate cigars)

Shannon was glowing and everyone was excited to be able to see her in her pregnant glory. Everyone was chatting, socializing and really enjoying themselves. Carrie and I decided that we were not going to play any games at the shower. I am sure at some time in your life, if you are female, you have gone to a baby or wedding shower and were forced to play the same lame games over and over again. We did get enough balloons filled with pieces of paper that had words printed on them that were related to newborn babies (Rattle, booties, bottles etc..) to tie on each guest seat. After dinner was over, Linda and I passed out thumb tacks and asked everyone to pop the balloon on their chair. The lady that had "baby Acosta" tag in their balloon won the first prize. (all prizes came from Bath & Body Works). Kelli was the winner if that game and picked the travel bag filled with a few items. We had more prizes to give out so we had everyone fill out their name and address on an envelope (for Shan's thank you cards) and put them in a box. Shannon then picked out of the box one envelope at a time and who's ever name was on the envelope, got to pick a prize.

Shannon (left) and Linda

After everyone was finished with dinner, we cut the cake and served it to the guest. The cake was so good!! Half was chocolate with strawberry filing (mommy-to-be request) and the other half was yellow with custard filling. It was time for Mommy to sit down and open the gifts her guests brought her. Everyone was really good at getting her items that can easily travel back home with her and the people who got her bigger items shipped them to her house. It was great watching Shan open all the baby items, she was so excited about each item. Betty's gift was so thoughtful and adorable. She made a diaper wreath that had items pinned to it (wipes, pacifier, toys, etc) and a poem went along with it. I wish I could share the poem, but I can't remember all of it. Anyway the diaper wreath is a great unique gift.

The shower lasted for about 2 1/2 hours (usually they are 4 hours long on a Sunday afternoon) and I was exhausted by the time I got home. Linda, Shan, Betty and family stayed and helped me clean up a little and transport the left over balloons. Betty took the balloons home with her and used them the next day for her b-day party. They stayed full over night and looked great the next day.

I really enjoyed planning and throwing this shower for one of my best friends. She smiled from the moment she arrived to the moment she left the restaurant, which made it worth all the work. Shannon--I hope you enjoyed your party. You have a good start on the items you will need when the little guy comes.