Monday, July 2, 2007

Apartment Hunting

Over the last two weeks I feel like J and I have looked at all the respectable apartments in our area. The problem with most places were their ridiculous pet policies or their location. One apartment complex wanted $1000 pet fee and then monthly pet rent, for two cats?? I almost laughed when the lady told me that. Another place had a reasonable pet policy but they required that you have a high level of insurance for your pets, and again for cats?? I mean I guess if you had a dog or something that would attack another person, the funds are justifiable but really I have never heard of attack cats. After hearing many pet policies, I just decided that the places rather be over protected for all animals, or use it as a deterrent, then take the time and make policies for different pets. I am still amazed at how much money the complexes know that pet owners will pay for their loved furry family members.

This past Saturday, we saw two different apartments complexes, which we liked both of them. After seeing the first one, we both agreed that was our #1 choice over all the others we have seen. The layout, the surrounding area, and the lady who showed us the apartment were such a step higher then the others. We did see a place on Friday, during our lunch hour that we liked but they couldn't guarantee us an apartment, in the time we needed, since they are almost at full capacity. Then we got to the second place and I knew almost instantly this was my favorite but I didn't want to say anything until we saw the inside of the model home.

When I spoke to the property manager, Jonathan, on the phone to set up the appointment, he seemed to have a very interesting personality. Joking with me right from the moment I answered his call back. I warned J about his almost over the top personality and he got a dose of it as soon as he met Jonathan. Jonathan is a tall, bulky guy who was wearing khakis, white silky button up and alligator dress shoes. He is from Florida which explains the shoes but once he starts talking, you know that they also go with him. J and I introduce ourselves to him and he says "Oh you are looking for Jonathan" we said yeah, and he said with a huge grin, "Yeah that's me" Laughing he asked me if I warned J about his personality. He is a character and a great sales men. He knew a lot about the area for being from out of town and really wants to develop the area that this new complex is in. He gave us a tour of the model home and the grounds. We rode on the back of a golf cart to the next apartment he wanted to show us, an 2nd floor model. We liked that better than the 1st floor model. J like it more because it's on the 2nd floor and I like it more because it has vaulted ceilings. After the hour tour of the complex, we went back into Jonathan's office where he out together a packet for us so we can look it over and let him know if we wanted to live there. Like I said he is a really good sale man and offered us unbelievable move in specials.

J and I both agreed that this place was the best value for it's cost and location. J went home and crunched some numbers comparing our top 3 picks and I had to go to a baby shower. We got together later that day and we and the numbers agree that this was our best choice. I am so excited we decided on a place. We did our research and found a place that fits us and our needs. The next step is figuring out how to take two fully furnished apts and combining them into one. This will be fun :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful apartment.
Read you previous post. So happy you enjoyed your wkend and your stay with us. Visit anytime!

Remiman said...

Yowzer, I can feel your energy! I'm glad you found something you both like. I have two question:
1. Guestroom?
2. Did you get the baby clean. ;-)?

Chipper said...

1)Yes-- it is a two bedroom apartment so there is a guest room (hopefully)

2)The baby clean? :)