Sunday, April 15, 2007


Sunday is the day of the week that most people I know relax and prepare for the work week ahead of them. I took relaxation to the max today.

Marissa and I visited my favorite quiet zone, The Spa in Canada. It's a gorgeous spa located in the 5 star, White Oaks Conference Resort right over the boarder at Niagara-on-the -Lake. You are greeted by the Concierge who is very friendly and shows us the way to the "Whisper Zone". Once you have filled out your health history, personal information and walk through the door marked " Whisper Zone", you are lead to the changing room. You don't hear chit chat, telephones, or any other back ground noise once you are past that door. What you slightly hear is soothing music played above you. Once inside the changing room, you will find light wood lockers stocked with a robe and slippers. After sliding into their soft terry cloth/microfiber robe and slippers, you have a choice to wait in the reading room or the quiet room.

The reading room has the feel of a cozy den in your own home. There are french doors that swing open into a bright room with a fireplace. I am sure it wasn't a wood burning fireplace but a comforting warm fireplace. There are two love seats, brown, microfiber with oversized pillows and two chairs to match the love seats. Tan fleece blankets are located on top of the couches in case you catch a chill. They provide a variety of magazines, coffee, tea, citrus flavored water, apples and mints for your enjoyment. I choose to read a magazine titled Buffalo Spree. It was a very interesting, all about Buffalo's development of old manufacturing buildings downtown. Most developers are creating these 1,2 and 3 bedroom lofts that look like they are right from NYC. After a few minutes reading, my masseuse came to get me for my stress relief massage.

The quiet room is where I waited the last time I visited the spa. It's a dim room with extra plush winter white carpet. It's so soft, it feels like you are walking on a feather bed. It has two larger couches without arms. Instead, they have huge pillows, in all different shapes for you to sit against. The calming sound of trickling water comes from the fish tank on the far wall. It is filled with bright colorful tropical fish and plants. I have fallen asleep waiting for the therapist before, its so quiet, I couldn't help it. :)

So off to my private room for my 55 minute stress relief massage. The room is lit with low light with a massage table in the middle with the same music that was being played in the reading room. The combination of the music, essential oils and the warm blanket, it's impossible not to feel relaxed immediately. Everyone should take time out of their busy lives and get a full body massage. It's 55 minutes to clear your mind. No phones, no background noise, just you and your thoughts ( and the therapist but mine was silent most of the time). I have decided that I will be getting this massage at least every few months. For me, its more therapeutic than shopping.

After my message I was taken back to the reading room and waited for my next treatment. I have been looking forward to this since I booked it. My Oxygen facial. Yep I got a facial. I was nervous at first because I wasn't sure what to expect. Sarah, the specialist, was very informative when describing the difference between an oxygen facial and a normal facial. She had a lot of explaining to do because this was my first facial ever. Basically, they wash and exfoliate first. Then vitamins and minerals are applied ( by way of message), hot face wrap and then the oxygen treatment. The oxygen forces the vitamins and minerals to absorb into your pores. This treatment is mostly used for anti-aging and hydration of the skin. I figured I should start the anti-aging now so that in 10 years I'll still look like today ( just kidding). This treatment was recommended to me from an old boss who got facials often and I am glad I took the advice.

This Sunday has been what every Sunday should be like, relaxing and clarifying. I feel recharged and ready to take on anything this week. My recommendation is to take some time out for yourself to clear your mind and re focus. It makes you feel like a new person.