Thursday, April 26, 2007

Let's Go Sabres!!

That's right, the Sabres won the first game in round 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs on Wednesday against another NY team, the Rangers. Everyone has been talking about how great the players looked in the game. It was scoreless in the 1st period but the Sabres scored a few goals right in a row a few minutes into the 2nd period. I won't give you the ESPN recap but I have to say it was exciting to see them play. They seem to have the momentum on their side. ( I hope I am not jinxing them). The next Sabres game is Friday and you can feel the energy around the city. The last time I heard people this excited was when the Bills had Kelly, Smith and Reed :) I even received the following email about the team:

Sabres Prayer!

"Our God
Who art in HSBC
Miller Be thy name.
Thy puck come
Thy save be done
In the air as it is on ice.
Give us this day
our Stanley Cup and forgive us our slashing
as we send out Peters
for those who slash against us.
And lead us not into golfing
but deliver us from injury.
For Miller is the Goalie
the power and glory
for ever and ever... Amen..."

G o S a b r e s ! !

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