Monday, December 31, 2007

Reflection on 2007

Its New Year's Eve again and again I look back on the past year and think "Wow that went too quick!" I didn't even get a chance to start any of my new years resolutions, how could the year be over already. As I get older the days go by quicker and all of a sudden its the last day of the year.

The only resolutions I am making for 2008 is to "stop and smell the roses" a little more often and to be happy. I mean real happy like when I was younger and couldn't wait to go to school because I would get to see all of my friends. It will take some effort on my part to make sure I am truly happy but its only up to me to make it happen. Hopefully I can plan a few mini vacations to ensure I "stop to smell the roses" in the upcoming year. I few trips to Texas to make sure I get to know the new addition to my extended family, a girls only trip and maybe if it goes my way, a trip to Europe. I would love to take a week off of work in the summer too, just to hang out and enjoy the weather but with the other vacations I want to take, that might be a little far fetched.

My toast to 2008 : "Here is to bringing in a new year. May it be whatever you want it to be! Cheers!"

Happy New Year!!


Remiman said...

Your the best kiddo!
Happy New Year!
Europe huh? ;)

femmme said...

Im back! a nice optimistic post. Stopping and smelling the roses is hard that is sort or why we have the nostalgia of being kids b/c it didn't all rush by.
I completely agree with that perspective!
mia wet down femmme is alive!