Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

It's the end of the day on Christmas and I am exhausted. It has been non-stop since I got up this morning and thankfully I took tomorrow off from work. My mom, Willie, my brother and my Dad came over the house for breakfast and to open gifts. It was the first year since my parents divorce that I was able to spend Christmas morning with both of them. Surprisingly is was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to enjoy the morning. Of course my mom got us too much but I know she loves to watch us open gifts even though we are not youngsters anymore.

Immediately after we were done, we were off and running, getting thing prepared for the family to arrive in the afternoon. This was also the first year that I was going to host the family party which is a little over 30 people. Thankfully my mom and Willie helped me prepare and clean up for the party. Instead of having it at my apartment, I was able to get the community center for the day in our complex and it was the perfect setting for that many people. Usually when we all get together, it is a little hard to visit with everyone because we are spread out in different rooms but this year we all were in the same room and not cramped. We had a fest for dinner and after that my uncle surprised us with old home movies of my moms family. He brought the projector and screen and we sat around laughing for a few hours watching my family on those movies. My grandma was in her glory and it was sweet to watch her reminisce about each movie. In between reels we opened some gifts and ate dessert. Everyone left around 9:30 that night, we had to clean the center and unload all the items I had to bring over.

It is quiet in my apartment, J is home visiting his family and my mom just left. It is nice to have a little time to myself to unwind and relax. There was a little something missing from the holiday this year but it was a good a day. Spending time with family at the holidays is always a great feeling for me. I hope everyone I know had a great one too.

A few days after Thanksgiving, J and I went tree shopping and found this perfect tree. Neither one of us ever had a tree so big and full but this one is our first tree together and is perfect.

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