Sunday, October 25, 2009

A prefect Fall weekend

Our Maple Tree

This was a perfect Fall weekend. The weather was seasonal, the colors of the trees are beautiful and the nursery is now complete.

The furniture for the nursery came in, which we picked up on Saturday and Jacob put it together when we got home. The nursery is now complete and looks absolutely adorable. Now we just need little Sophia to decide she is ready to join us out here.

We have 4 more days until the due date and the anticipation really is something else. It is like a count down to the moment our lives are going to change forever. It can be overwhelming but really I am looking forward to meeting the little person that has been kicking me and keeping me up at night. I think I am going to miss her moving around, it really is entertaining. I know she will do and say other things for the first time that we will be entertained with but feeling her moving all about daily has become something I look forward to from the moment I get up.

I have had an amazing pregnancy and couldn't have enjoyed it as much as I have without Jacob. He truly is the perfect person to share these special moments with. He has taken care of me, entertained me and supported me throughout this whole journey. I tell Sophia all the time what a lucky girl she is to have Jacob as her daddy. She will be loved, adored and entertained by him but most importantly he will love her no matter what. I can't wait to see them together.

Until tomorrow... hopefully Sophia won't make us wait much longer.