Friday, July 10, 2009

24 weeks ...

Oh my goodness Thursday marked the start of 24 weeks, we have 4 more months until we meet little Sophia. Her movements are getting stronger and more frequent now which always makes me laugh. The other day while lying in bed, she kicked so hard I could see the movement under my shirt. I am still amazed that a little life is developing in there. I can already tell a difference in the way I am thinking about every day life things. I am more cautious when driving, always worried about what I am eating and drinking and determined to exercises so that mom and baby are strong. I worry that I am not giving her enough variety of food or that the one cup of coffee I drink is negatively effecting her heart rate. I worry that my worrying will make her an anxious baby. Let's not even start on the stuff I worry about after she is born. Sometimes I laugh to myself when I realize that all these things I am worrying about now will seem so irrelevant when she comes into this world.

Over the last few weeks we have been extremely busy with working, searching for a house and trying to get what we need for the baby in check. We have found a house, the owners have excepted our bid and now we wait for the lawyers to get all the paperwork filled out and to the correct people. Monday we are scheduled to get the house inspected and if all goes well it will be our first house for our expanding family. Ha Ha Ha I love that idea!! Jacob and I will have our own little family, its truly a feeling that is hard for me to describe. I can say that every time I think about us being a family it makes me smile and feel extremely happy. We have made some progress in our registry but now have to go back and get rid of some of the duplicates that we have one the list. Hopefully we will complete the list tomorrow.

16 weeks and counting.,... here is a picture of the belly that has developed. I can't imagine it getting much bigger however I am told it will grow quite large....

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KoffeeBean said...

How beautiful!! But you are correct- A bigger "Baby Bump" is yet to come!!!
You all tire me out with all of your activities! This is why you have babies when you're young!!!
Can't wait to see the house.
Love you D.