Thursday, September 3, 2009

The ink is Dry

J became a home owner as of 10 am this morning!! This is such an exciting moment, I even snapped a pic of the process. I can't wait to get in the house and just walk around with just the two of us. Maybe tomorrow we will just grill up some burgers there and take it all in... hmmmm we will see

Congrats Sweetie!!


KoffeeBean said...

Soooo exciting!! Better go buy a grill! Better yet, go to Wegman's & buy food for a picnic!!
This is an exciting time for you guys! Wish we lived closer so we could help you move in.
love you

Chipper said...

I can't wait to have like a house warming party :) Maybe Thanksgiving can be in Buffalo??

Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving in Buffalo - nice idea - I will be there!!! I wish I lived closer to you guys too -
love you

Remiman said...

Hurray! What an exciting time, X2 for you guys. When's the big day?