Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Locks of Love

It finally came time for me to donate my hair to Locks of Love. I have been growing it out for about two years and today was the day that I decided to cut it off. To give you a little background, Locks of Love is an organization that provides wigs to children with cancer that are financially disadvantaged. For hair to be used as a wig, the donation must be at least 10 inches long, in a pony tail or braid. It took me longer than I expected to grow my hair that long.

Here is my hair after growing it for 2 years-
And here is my hair after donating 12 inches to this amazing organization-
I usually wear my hair between chin length and shoulder length but have gone shorter than this before. I love my new hair style and even if I didn't I wouldn't care, my lots of hair will help out a child in need.


Remiman said...

Yowser! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I love it - looks great - what an admiral thing to do - you are truly a good person. I am glad to know you.

femmme said...

ok I logged in fast to tell you a good food spot in boston but these pictures. You look fabulous wit the cut! wow, what a diff
Twll me where you are staying, my email is on myprofile. I can give you good suggestions

Anonymous said...

You look even more beautiful!!
What a great gift!