Friday, August 24, 2007

Moving Weekend

Moving weekend is finally here and I can't be more excited, exhausted and sore!! I just realized that I haven't made an entry since the beginning of the month. Man time had flown by !! i have been busy getting things ready for the new apartment, cleaning the old one, getting utilities turned on, getting them turned off, you know all the really fun things about moving :) I have had a few fun moments this month that I will have to tell you later about. It has been busy and interesting.

Originally our moving plan was to get the keys today, move boxes, smaller stuff tonight and get up early tomorrow, get the truck and move all the big furniture. However, J, being J, forgot or was under the impression that his mini course started next week. Well it was this week, Mon, Wed, Thurs and Saturday morning. Yep right in the middle of moving. So we are now going to be moving later in the afternoon around 5, that is also when the 1st truck is available so it works out. I was really stressed and annoyed at first but as long as I get to move in the new place with J this weekend, it doesn't matter what time we are moving. Thank Goodness J's friend Dylan is coming into town to help move, my family members were only available earlier on Sat, it would have been just me and him, now that is funny. :) We would have gotten it done but I am sure it will go faster with two strong men than with me helping.

I actually felt really bad for him when he found out he had class this week. It makes for really long days, getting to work in the am, going to class in the pm and packing a few things after class and than doing that routine again the next day. I did go over to his place on Tuesday to assist in the packing and we got a lot done. My apartment had more stuff in it than I thought. It has taken me much longer to wrap every little breakable in newspaper than it has to pack up the rest of the place. I was good and threw out as much as I could for now, I plan on throwing out more when unpacking. I really hate clutter, it makes me feel panicked.

This move is going to be a much needed fresh start for both of us. For the first time in my life, I am fully confident this will be a good thing. I usually have reservation about major decisions I make but not this one. Maybe because I am a little older but I think it is because it involves J :) AS I always tell him, he is the best and I am very lucky!!

More to come on the new place..

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